Steven Olikara, Millennial Action Project

From Music to Politics: Steven Olikara speaks at White House, revealing impact of arts on his life.

After knowing him as friend for almost 2 years, I finally was able to see @stevenolikara give a speech, at the White House. Steven talked about how as a young Indian American growing up in Wisconsin, playing music changed his life, because not only was his band a motley crew, but he was inspired by how diverse their audience was. He knew then that bringing diverse people together in harmony is his passion, and thus began his path in politics. Thank you to Jamie Gillespie, Staff Assistant to Congressman Thomas Rooney of Florida for a great discussion about Steven Olikara’s sold out event on Constitution Day to celebrate 2 years anniversary for Millennial Action Project. We can all work together to make this country great. As Lisa M. Borders, Chair of The Coca-Cola Foundation said a few days ago at Thione Niang’s book signing, our “generation is the most educated, enlightened and compassionate ever,” so I am excited to see what we will accomplish, it’s our duty. Thank you Steven for your testimony how the arts, music, changed your life and brought you to your life’s passion in making a difference in the political realm by inspiring young people to get engaged.

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