Ytasha Womack

“Going to Cuba changed my life. Cuba is a transformative place. If you’re open to transformation and inspiration you’ll love Cuba. Learning salsa, rumba, and AfroCuban folkloric dance in a country where the artform was created was both a blessing and a dream come true. My dance dreams came to life in Cuba.  “I now feel that I’m a part of the global arts community and J Reve International provided this opportunity.””

Author & Filmmaker, Chicago, IL

Bulent Ozdemir

“We thank you and appreciate you. This program would not have been a success without you. We will look forward to having you, and more importantly, collaborating with you in the next programs for the betterment of our local and global community.

Peace Islands Upstate NY, Institute, Executive Director Rochester, NY

Dillon M. Green

“Keep up the great work, and please continue to keep me informed of your work through J Rêve International. “

Science Officer, U.S. Mission to UNESCO

Neeru Sharma

“I’ve worked closely with Jacqueline for almost 2 years now, and am amazed by her deep commitment and passion towards making a difference through creativity and arts. Her approach is novel, and will be a game-changer in the way we teach our children in the decades to come.“

Productivity Coach with Marya Leadership Academy, Dubai

Zina Burton-Myrick

“What an awesome way for me to connect two communities Harlem to Havana, priceless experience and lifetime friends were made. I learned. I grew! I danced! I explored! I experienced! I journeyed to higher heights! An amazing trip of discovery, knowledge and connections!”

District Representative, United Federation of Teachers

Michelle Pichon

“This was a most welcome occasion in a beautiful setting outdoors to realize the importance of taking a few minutes to meditate and be mindful of my body and spirit.”- –

Co-Director Down River Art Gang (DRAG), in reference to the Yoga for Teachers and Artists class

Louis King

“This week long experience has change my perspective on how a child learns.”

Conflict Resolution Education Specialist, Rochester City School District [Paris 2016 Participant]

Ndongo Wade

“Thank you again for the wonderful chance you gave us, from April 6 to April 11, to participate in the J Rêve Global Educator Program.“
English language teacher at SABS, Dakar, SENEGAL

 Cinnamon Nolley

My name in Cinnamon Nolley. In the picture, we are at the Louvre, last February. I am the woman on the right-hand side of the man touching the pyramid. I am a Rochester (NY) City School District Special Education Teacher who teaches 8th grade 12:1:1 self-contained. I realize the importance of a multisensory approach for all students, but especially for my students who need different entry points to concepts and different avenues to express their mastery of concepts. My deep interest in furthering my practice along these lines and the lure of Paris proved irresistible. I am enormously grateful for the experience. ”

Special Education Teacher, Rochester City School District [Paris 2016 Participant]

Angela Wedgwood

“I was truly inspired and I not only believe that I was bettered by this trip personally, but in retrospect, I also believe my present and future students will benefit from what I gained by my experiences.”

Rochester City School District, Robert Brown High School-Mathematics Teacher

 Robin Dettman

Over the past year I have had the opportunity and privilege to participate in and or support three of J Reve International’s programs. The three programs I have engaged in are the “Global Kid’s Essay Contest”, “Global Educator Program”, and the “Global Artist in Residence Program”. My experience in all of these programs working with Jacqueline Cofield has been exciting and fulfilling in many ways. This has not just been my experience but more so for the participants of all of the J Reve International Programs. This is confirmed in the expression of a student in a thankyou card I received from a student who participated in the “Global Kid’s Essay Contest”.

Mr. Robin Dettman, MSL, CPLC


“I had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Paris with an amazing group of educators to learn about integrating arts in a STEM education program for students. The experiences and the immersion into the arts in Paris as well as the meetings and discussions we had with experts and educators was truly inspirational. I would encourage anyone that has the chance to experience what JReve International programs have to offer to learn about culture and education around the world, they should apply. I am so glad I did and look forward to further experiences with JReve International!”


Wendi Cherry

Traveling internationally with J Rêve International has allowed me to expand my knowledge and sensitivity of other cultures, build confidence and create and build relationships. It has allowed me to be adventurous, learn more about myself and develop new skills.

Founder, The Promotion List

Barbara Bukowski

“I applaud J Reve International’s efforts to engage bringing these opportunities to students from all walks of life.”

English Teacher, Rochester, NY

Doreen Pinkston

“Your Creativity workshop…left our students with some skills and techniques that would allow them to stop and calm themselves and actually see and understand some of the things that are going on around them.”

Director of Youth Development, The Pittsburgh Project