Rêver means to dream

What is J Rêve?

J Rêve International cultivates creative game-changers globally by producing meaningful interdisciplinary educational programming, arts projects, audiovisual and literary communications.

Vision: J Rêve International believes that creative educational experiences, and global exchange cultivates greater being, thinking and doing while transforming schools, lives, and communities.

Mission: J Rêve International fosters a dynamic culturally creative community wherein education, civic engagement, and leadership are hallmarks. We bring people together through the arts, and cultivate creative communities that support personal, professional and communal achievement within a global context. J Rêve International has services educators, artists, art enthusiasts, and students with global exhibition, production, exchange, and thematic programs. Our impact and reach grows each year. We uplift humanity through the arts.

“Rêver is french for ‘to dream.’ My creative team and I are proud dreamers, aspiring to enlighten, entertain and educate, simultaneously. Our goal is to bring people together through intercultural creative exposure. This pursuit informs all of the projects that we pursue. At the heart of creativity is peace and love.” – Jacqueline Cofield, Founder.

How do we cultivate creativity?

We curate global exchange and experiential deeper learning programs & immersion experiences for educators, artists,  students, and art patrons.

We design interdisciplinary inquiry-based curriculum for educators in formal and informal education sectors. And, we coach teacher leaders in developing ecosystems that support STEAM and Arts centered learning.

We develop creative projects, including administration, programming, artwork commissions, & exhibition curation.  And, we source creatives for global arts, exhibitions, film/tv, live performance, and public art projects

Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi

We advocate and empower future generations through grassroots campaigns to experience more equitable interdisciplinary learning through public, private, nonprofit partnerships and collective impact.

We publish books, blogs, and videos, make films, and give voice to creative students and adults around the world.

We give presentations, produce panels and conferences, and use visual storytelling media technologies to educate and inspire.

We consult educators, cultural programmers, and art enthusiasts on how to engage, support and collect art, and how to incorporate arts into the classroom or community.

Who Are We?

Jacqueline Cofield, Founder & President

Jacqueline Cofieldfounder of J Rêve International LLC, is a multi-passionate, multidisciplinary cultural creative, educator, author, and yogini.  Her work includes programs with global education, arts and cultural institutions such as UNESCO, Columbia University Paris, the Smithsonian, SUNY, Pittsburgh Public Schools, The New York City Department of Education, The University of Southern California, Paramount International TV, Columbia Pictures, The Sundance Film Festival – New Frontier, Disney Corporation, Sony Music, The Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Give1Project and G.R. N'Namdi Gallery.

Cofield has traveled to nearly 60 countries, resided in eight, and is trilingual (Spanish, French).  She earned masters degrees with honors from both the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and The City College of New York’s Graduate School of Education, and a bachelor of fine arts from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  Jacqueline studied biology at Yale University,  art history at NYU Paris, France, cinema studies as a Rotary scholar at the University of Los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela and NYU in Prague at FAMU. She achieved certification in vinyasa and hatha yoga instruction at the Vinyasa Yoga Foundation in Rishikesh, India.  Cofield publishes Global Creativity Magazine, and is an advocate for and speaker on the connection between the creative arts, STEAM and Multiple Intelligences. 

Cofield has been featured in Diversity in STEAM magazine, The Science Channel and PBS Masters. 

“Rêver is french for ‘to dream.’  My creative team and I are proud dreamers, aspiring to enlighten, educate, and inspire.  Our goal is to bring people together through education and intercultural creative exposure.  This pursuit informs all of the projects that we pursue.  At the heart of creativity and innovation are community, peace, and joy.”

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