J Rêve at the United Nations Assembly

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands making opening remarks about global youth entrepreneurship
Jacqueline Cofield attending the United Nations discussion on global youth entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

Last week while in NYC, I had the pleasure to attend various meetings during the United Nations General Assembly.

“Force of Nature” series by Lorenzo Quinn at UN Headquaters NYC

I was so pleased to see Lorenzo Quinn’s sculpture at the NYC United Nations headquarters, which I’d admired photos of the “Force of Nature” series elsewhere in the world. I applaud the United Nations for it’s recognition of the role the arts plays in increasing awareness of world issues, despite politics. You can learn more here.  “Today, the urgency of placing people at the centre of everything we do is both a challenge and a miracle of human creativity that can be translated into a common language of artistic inspiration as our fragile Mother Earth faces the devastating consequences of climate change, a defining challenge of our time”, stated H.E. Mr. Sam K.utesa, President of the General Assembly, in commissioning the art exhibition entitled “The Transformative Power of Art”, which is now open to all in the Visitor’s concourse at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

I also enjoyed attending the United Nations youth entrepreneurship for sustainable development discussion advocating the support and furthering of youth entrepreneurship as a solution to global issues. Four young entrepreneurs from Colombia, Senegal, India and Argentina shared their entrepreneurial journey and the impact they are making in their communities.  I look forward to further advocacy of the impact that creative entrepreneurs are making globally.

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