J Rêve’s “Choose Love” global public art project now in Oakland, CA

“Public art is a public good,” explains Darren Walker, vice president of the Rockefeller Foundation and vice chairman of the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies in a Forbes article. “It lifts up humanity and challenges the individual who encounters it to think differently about the world.”

11754571_840449842729520_5315037958327155299_o 11816113_840448859396285_1130320449800811217_oJ Rêve International is proud to announce completion of the latest mural in the “Choose Love” global public art project.  The mural, located in Oakland, California was created by artists Blaq Epic SkyWalker and Refa Sena, Founder and Director of the Oakland, CA based public arts group, AeroSoul, whose mission is to spread Love through spray-can art writing culture to urban communities globally.  This is the third mural in the international grassroots campaign; others are located in Senegal and Haiti.  The long-term goal of the project is to transform spaces into useful and efficient ‘love spaces,’ including performance and visual art, as well as horticulture, well-being and fitness.  To inquire further about J Rêve’s global “Choose Love” art project, email us at info@jreveinternational.com.11117968_840448502729654_1555641244212714383_o 11845070_840448689396302_1390525383219321718_o 11779855_840448076063030_2434325949218164758_o11816110_840448749396296_3829740544051756348_o   11223820_840450699396101_9131509934898312324_o

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