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J Rêve International Launches Global Creativity Magazine


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J Rêve International Launches Global Creativity Magazine

An online platform for global citizens to share and explore the arts

New York, NY.  June 10, 2016 – J Rêve International  announced today that the premiere issue of the Global Creativity Magazine will be published online on June 18th, 2016 at The premier edition features contributors from around the world, including writers from India, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and France.

The online magazine will focus on Global Arts and Creativity and feature Visual and Performing Arts stories from global citizens known and unknown; it aims to be a great resource for emerging, independent creatives. The magazine’s first volume will be released on a monthly basis and will be targeted to creatives with an interest in global awareness, culture, and human expression as presented through the arts.

Founder Jacqueline Cofield states, “J Rêve International seeks to foster an environment wherein creativity is valued.  The arts bring people together, helps them express and learn themselves and others, while enhancing intelligence.  Our programs, including the launch of Global Creativity Magazine,” are designed with those benefits in mind.  We want to foster an inclusive community where contributors from all parts of the world get a chance to share what they’re observing, feeling, creating in regards to the arts.”  Cofield is also an alumna of USC Annenberg School for Communication.

More information about the upcoming magazine can be found at their websites, and  Interested contributors (artists, students, educators, art lovers),  are invited to propose submissions by emailing

J Rêve International fosters a dynamic culturally creative community wherein education, civic engagement and leadership are hallmarks. We bring people together through the arts, and cultivate creative communities that support personal, professional and communal achievement within a global context.  J Rêve International has serviced thousands of artists, art enthusiasts, students, and educators with global exhibition, production, exchange, and educational programs.

Online zine, magazine, vancouverOnline zine, magazine, vancouver

Photos from Canadian documentary filmmaker Bérangère Maïa Nathasha Parizeau’s article “Dragon Tears” featured in the Global Creativity Magazine June 2016 edition.

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