J Rêve Announces Dubai Global Essay Contest Winner

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”   Albert Einstein On June 11, 2015, Ms. Abu-Shamat, Principal of Al Khaleej National School of Dubai welcomed Jacqueline Cofield to award student Veronica A.  a first place certificate and 365 Dirhams for the J Rêve International Global Kid’s Essay Contest.  This year’s theme is, “How to make school better,” and first place awards are being awarded in different cities globally.  An ebook will later be created, wherein artists will illustrate the first place essays. Jacqueline Cofield recalls, “I won first place in the Wesley on East essay contest when I was her age and it really made me feel confident as a student. It feels so good to go full circle with that and create the same experience for Veronica.” School Principal Ms. Abu-Shamat expressed, “we appreciate the time and effort you took to be here with us in person in order to present our student, Veronica, with her award in front of her peers.   We truly value the message that you sent to our students today, backing our philosophy of education.” We believe that confident kids are creative kids, therefore it is important that we celebrate and encourage academic and creative achievement. Writing is one of the first methods young people use to express their voice, and create.  Congratulations Veronica! PhotoGrid_1434030521573

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