Jacqueline Cofield featured STEAM+ Arts Integration speaker at Rochester Teachers Association

ROCHESTER, NY., March 1, 2018 —  Jacqueline Cofield, founder of J Rêve International, and editor & contributing author of the STEAM+ Arts Integration anthology book was the featured speaker for the Rochester Teachers Association‘s monthly professional development convening at the Temple B’rith Kodesh.  The lecture was among the most popular featured by the union, with an attendance of 350+ educators.

“STEAM+ Arts Integration is the future of education.  It’s a proven, more holistic approach to both enticing and educating students and preparing them for the workforce of the future,” Cofield contends.

Margaret Sergent, Second Vice President of the RTA union, provided opening remarks, including a statement about her previous participation in a J Rêve International global Arts & Culture program in Paris, France, 2016.  Dr. Sue Lane, Elementary Art & STEAM teacher at Clyde-Savannah Central School District gave closing remarks, sharing examples from the STEAM program she leads in the CSCS District.

Key Points of Cofield’s Presentation Covered:

  • Background and evolution of STEM to STEAM
  • Differentiation between STEAM and Arts Integration
  • Legislation and Funding for STEAM and Arts Integration
  • National Case Studies
  • Overview of the STEAM+ Arts Integration Anthology available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Cofield’s presentation includes examples from the anthology she co-authored on the subject, STEAM+ Arts Integration.    She has been featured speaker across the nation in cities including Dallas, Queens, NY, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, among others.   The book has received favorable feedback from educators who attended the July conference.  “It is an excellent intro to STEAM+ with research, case studies, and strategies,” says Susan Bardenhagen Region IV Director of Virginia Association of Science Teachers.

J Rêve International aims to foster collaboration between interdisciplinary artists, programmers, policy makers and educators on issues relating to development, learning and the implementation of STEAM (STEM+Arts) and arts education.  Dedicated to engaging students in STEAM+, J Rêve International has impacted more than 40,000 people in 10 countries including Cuba, Mozambique, Haiti, India, Burkina Faso, France, Dubai and US.  They’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with 1000 educators, 50 community partners and schools, 85% k-12 teachers, 15% school administrators, museums and art studios & galleries and supported them since incorporation.

Check out this event’s feature in Diversity In STEAM Magazine online. Click the image below to visit: https://www.diversityinsteam.com/jreve-international-event-wrap/.

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