J Rêve Announces India Global Essay Contest Winner

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”   Henry David Thoreau. On June 25, 2015, Prabhjot K., a student of Chandigarh, India at AKSIPS school, was awarded first place in the J Rêve International Global Kid’s Essay Contest, India. Mrs. Harpreet Kaur, Principal AKSIPS welcomed Jacqueline Cofield to award Prabhjot, along with a group of students who had also participated in the essay contest, and school Director Jasdeep Kalra.  The award included a first place certificate and $100 (6,300 rupees), and a  J Rêve International Global Kid’s Essay Contest T-shirt.

IMG_20150628_104204This year’s theme is, “How to make school better,” and first place awards are being awarded in different cities globally.  An ebook will later be created, wherein artists will illustrate the first place essays. Jacqueline Cofield recalls, “I won first place in the Wesley on East essay contest when I was her age and it really made me feel confident as a student. It feels so good to go full circle with that and recreate the same experience for a new generation.  I make a point to congratulate the classmates, teachers, administrators, and family for the award and I tell them that I travel far across the globe because encouraging kids’ creativity together as a community is worth it.”  Prabhjot’s uncle told Cofield that the award is an honor for her whole family.  School Principal Ms. Abu-Shamat expressed, “this award gives us great pride and reflects the great work our teachers are doing.”


School Director Jasdeep Kalra shared beautiful remarks celebrating Prabhjot’s achievement, and acknowledging Jacqueline’s efforts to encourage students. Confident kids are creative kids, therefore it is important that we celebrate and encourage academic and creative achievement. Writing is one of the first methods young people use to express their voice, and create.  Congratulations Prabhjot! Click here to read the Feature on The Nation Leader,  Feature Article on India’s Day and Night News, or India News.India Essay Contest Winner Press

We are grateful to motivate young writers around the world in LouisianaDubaiRochester, NY, and Senegal to express their ideas, inspire others, and set high goals for themselves.


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