Koku Gonza: J Rêve Global Artist Residency Program

Chicago based Singer-songwriter Koku Gonza went to Paris, France for the first time for her J Rêve International 2-week artist residency in May, 2015.  During her residency she met with multi-disciplinary artists, explored french culture and performance venues, and her community project was a performance for the USC Alumni Club of Paris members at Anti-Café Paris-Louvre. Koku explains, “My experience in Paris was amazing! I was enthralled with the architecture and culture of Paris.  The cafe I performed out was quaint and elegant with a variety of people interested in indie art and live music.  I had a wonderful experience performing at a private house party and connecting with local indie artist in Paris. Connecting with the people who create art and support art outside of the U.S. gives a broader perspective on how art connects people and can globalize culture.” J Rêve International’s Global Artist Residency Program makes an impact not only for the artists, but also the communities they visit. During their residency, each artist fulfills a ‘community engagement project’ designed to leave their legacy by either sharing their skills through workshops, or talents through public arts, performances, collaborations, and/or exhibitions.

Koku at her performance with Chris Pruszko, President of the USC Alumni Club of Paris.
The setting for Koku’s Paris performance at Anti-Café Paris Louvre
Outside of AntiCafé Paris-Louvre, Koku poses near J Rêve’s concert flyers.

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