Jacqueline Cofield, Give1Arts, National Gallery Dakar

J Rêve launches Give1Arts in Senegal, & global growth

Jacqueline Cofield, Give1Arts, National Gallery Dakar
Give1Arts Exhibition at the National Gallery of Dakar, March 2014.

Give1Arts, envisioned and launched by Jacqueline Cofield in Dakar, Senegal in 2013, is a platform for emerging visual and performing artists to showcase and develop their craft, as well as an opportunity for community development and engagement of the arts.  “When I arrived in Senegal in 2013 for the fellowship, I was inspired to create a platform within Give1Project, focusing on artists and cultural creatives. I am very proud of the impact of Give1Arts and it’s growing global legacy,” says Cofield.  Give1Arts involves all areas of visual and performing arts, including dance, photography, film, theater, spoken word (slam), music, painting, sculpture, design, etc.  Give1Arts is now globally active with chapters in Burkina Faso, Mali, Gambia, Benin, Rwanda, and growing.

Give1Project offices Dakar, Senegal.   Give1Arts panel featuring Chicago TV news anchor Courtney Hall.

Give1 Project, founded by Thione Niang, whose mission is to cultivate young global leaders, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship, invited Jacqueline Cofield, President of J Rêve International to Dakar, Senegal in December, 2013 to celebrate the grand opening of the new Give1Project global headquarters.  Shortly after arriving Cofield recommended to Niang that he consider including a department within Give1Project that caters to the interests of artists, supporting the idea that artists are entrepreneurs and play a vital role in not only the community, but the economy as well, and emerging artists can benefit from developmental programming within the Give1Project platform.  Niang appreciated the viewpoint, and proposed that Cofield create and launch the department, which she named Give1Arts.

Cofield, who had traveled to Dakar before as an NYU fellow, was able to quickly delve into the arts and culture scene, thanks to her fluency in french and interpersonal skills.  Give1Arts, which Cofield serves as the Director, has produced various exhibitions in Dakar at prestigious venues such as The National Gallery of Dakar, and the historic Theater Daniel Sorano, where Give1Arts participated in the 2014 Dak’Art biennale.   Well known Senegalese artists such as Akon, Viye Diba, Youssou Ndor, Daara J Family and others have visited the exhibitions of Give1Arts, as well as international guests in the arts such as Kehinde Wiley, Angelbert Metoyer, curator Kimberli Gant, Dr. Moyo Okediji, poet Amir Sulaiman.  Diplomats from across Africa have also visited the exhibitions and events of Give1Arts.  Give1Arts programming includes showcases and exhibitions, workshops, guest speakers and in partnership with J Rêve International, global artist exchanges.  In May 2015, Give1Arts Benin was launched, and in the fall 2015, and spring 2016 Give1Arts will also be launched in Gabon, Kenya, Gambia and Niger.

Click here to view video: Jacqueline Cofield On Chicago’s WGN Talking about Give1Project

Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi, Give1Arts
Give1Arts Senegal team at the Give1Arts Dak’Art 2014 biennale exhibition
Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi, Akon, Give1Arts
Give1Arts Global Director Jacqueline Cofield gives Akon a tour of the Give1Arts exhibition at the Give1Project Dakar offices.
Afia, Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi, Thione Niang, Dieurwrine
Give1Arts Global Director Jacqueline Cofield, Poet Dieuwrine, Graffiti artist Afia and Give1Project founder Thione Niang at the grand opening of the Give1Project Dakar offices. Mural by Afia.

Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi

Jacqueline Cofield, curator and Director of the Give1Arts exhibition at the National Gallery of Dakar.

Jacqueline Cofield N'Namdi, Give1 Arts
Jacqueline Cofield with Senegalese women artists who exhibited during Give1Arts Women’s month exhibition
Jacqueline Cofield and Angelbert Metoyer
Jacqueline Cofield and artist Angelbert Metoyer at the Give1Arts Dak’Art 2014 Biennale exhibition
Jacqueline Cofield, Thione Niang, Kehinde Wiley, Viye Diba
Thione Niang, Viye Diba, Give1Arts Global Director Jacqueline Cofield, and Kehinde Wiley at National Gallery of Dakar Give1Arts exhibition curated by Cofield.
Jacqueline Cofield, Youssou Ndour
Jacqueline Cofield and Singer/Entrepreneur Youssou Ndour at Give1 Project Senegal.
give1arts Kimberli Gant, Moyo Okediji, Jacqueline Cofield, Angelbert Metoyer, Viye Diba panel
Give1Arts Dakar panel on the role of artists in the community: Kimberli Gant, Dr. Moyo Okediji, Jacqueline Cofield, Angelbert Metoyer, Viye Diba
Minister of Energy, Gabon
Jacqueline Cofield gives Minister of Energy, Gabon a tour of the Dakar office exhibition
Give1Arts, Sorano Teatre, Sorano Theater, Dak'art Biennale, Dakar Senegal,
Dak’Art biennale exhibition curated by Jacqueline Cofield at Sorano Theater
give1arts panel artist, give1project
Give1Arts Dak’Art panel moderated by Cofield
give1arts panel jackie kim
Dak’Art Give1Arts biennale featured presentations
Jacqueline Cofield, Give 1 Project, Dakar Senegal
Jacqueline Cofield gives board members a tour of the Give1Arts inaugural exhibition in Dakar
Aminata Touré , Give1 Project, Jacqueline Cofield Give 1 Arts, Give1Arts
Jacqueline Cofield receives leadership award from Give1Project and former Prime Minister of Senegal Aminata Touré for envisioning, launching, and leading Give1Arts


Launch of Give1Arts Mali
Give1Arts Benin members

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Senegal, Give1Arts, Give1Project, Sold'Art
International headquarters, Give1Project, Dakar Senegal. Give1Arts office exhibition curated by Jacqueline Cofield






Give1Project, Give1Arts
Cutting the ribbon to officially launch the Dakar offices of Give1Project in December, 2013, also launching the first exhibition of Give1Arts.



In May 2015, Give1Arts Benin was launched.
In May 2015, Give1Arts Benin was launched.

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