“Change our World” Essay contest

J Rêve International presents an international creativity enrichment program for adolescents developed to offer them global perspectives, leadership opportunities, and meaningful social capital.  “When I was 11 years old, I won first place in the Wesley On East essay contest and $100. That experience raised my self esteem as a student and writer.  J Rêve International is thrilled to offer the same experience to adolescents of the current generation.”

  -Jacqueline Cofield

“Change Our World” essay writing contest

This annual writing contest for kids ages 10-14  is now accepting entries for its 2014-2015 contest.

This year’s essay theme is “How to make school better,” and should be 300-350 words, typed and submitted electronically by midnight on the deadline date.  Please include a cover page with only your full name and city.

Applicants are being accepted only from the 6 participating cities:

Natchitoches, Lousiana; Dakar, Senegal; Montreal, Canada; Rochester, NY; Port Au Prince, Haiti; New York, NY.

Prizes are as follows:  “Each of the first place winners will receive $100USD equivalent, and will collaborate with a selected artist to illustrate their essay for publication.

As an adolescent Jacqueline Cofield won 1st place in the Wesley on East essay contest
As an adolescent Jacqueline Cofield won 1st place in the Wesley on East essay contest
Applicant essays in Dakar, Senegal
Applicant essays in Dakar, Senegal
Global Essay Contest, Robert Brown High School, Rochester, NY, Jacqueline Cofield, Dr. Jason B. Willis, J Reve International
2015 1st Place Winner in Rochester, NY

Helpful questions to prepare your essay:

What can teachers, students, and/or the community do to improve school?  Are there resources or technologies that would be helpful?  Who can make school better, what do they need, and what should they do?

Helpful links on essay writing:


If you would like to support Revved Up For Kids programs, please contact us at jreveinternational@gmail.com.  J Reve International’s fiscal sponsor is Community Microenterprise Center Inc, a registered 501(c)(3) organization located in Rochester, NY.

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