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“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Legacy July 64, Soul of a Nation, Rochester, NYLegacy of ’64: Soul of A Nation is a three-part visual and performance exhibition, exploring the events after the riots in Rochester, NY, that occurred between July 24 through July 26, 1964.  The project, produced by Dr. Melody Cofield, is based on qualitative and quantitative research in partnership with the University of Rochester, NY, and the exhibition pinpoints fifteen categories of community outcomes that resulted from collaborations of people working together to uplift humanity, unite people across cultures, and bridge the gaps between a disconnected city.  The exhibition will also preserve artifacts, personal collections, and documents commemorating the untold history of post riot collaboration representing over twenty community leaders.

Rochester, NY: Save the date of July 30, 2016 for the LEGACY ’64  celebration gala acknowledging those who reached out to help heal the issues that led up to the riots of 1964 and what we can learn that will help us address issues that are effecting us today. This will be a celebration of the leadership that contributed to solutions in 1964 and recognition of our humanity shown in works of Art created for this event.

J Rêve International is providing meaningful guidance for the development of the creative components of the exhibition, including sourcing creative talents such as painter Loganic, playwright Tony Patrick, who have respectively created a series of paintings and a theatrical project based on actual incidents during their J Rêve artist residencies in Rochester, NY, and singer/songwriter Tamra Cherubin, who has created the project’s theme song and debuted it at the Rochester, NY Fringe Festival Soul of a Nation performances in September, 2015.  A portion of the monologues for the project debuted during the Rochester Fringe Festival on September 20th and 26th at noon.  The multimedia exhibition will commence in Rochester, NY in 2016 and then will travel nationally to different cities.  A documentary film is being developed as well.

Playwright Tony Patrick conducts a focus group with Soul of a Nation Theater group in Rochester, NY
Legacy of July 64, Rochester, NY, Soul of A Nation
A series of paintings by artist Loganic depict the incidents of the riots
Democrat & Chronicle Staff photo / July, 1964
Democrat & Chronicle Staff photo / July, 1964
Melody Cofield
Article by Dr. Melody Cofield on the project featured in Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle
Legacy ’64 Project Committee developing various community engagements including theatrical performances, art exhibition, community luncheon and student engagement.
High school students participate in the legacy ’64 project by creating a mantra for the project. They participated in the J Rêve “How to be creative” workshop.
Soul of a Nation performance, for the the Rochester, NY Fringe Festival, September 20th and 26th, 2015.
Jacqueline Cofield & Playwright Tony Patrick, who wrote the monologues for the theatrical performances performed during the Rochester, NY Fringe Festival, 2015.
Dr. Melody Cofield showing guests a collage painting depicting the history of Fight On
Dr. Melody Cofield with high school students participating in the Legacy ’64 summer internship research program

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