Paris Global Arts & Culture Program 2017 Completed


Each year, J Rêve International holds a lineup of global professional development programs that inspire and equip educators and creatives to incorporate arts and culture into their lives and work. Through these creativity programs, participants cultivate valuable skills and insights that encourage global citizenry and enhance international relations, all essential in 21st century classrooms and professions. J Rêve International’s annual Paris Art & Culture Exchange Program is designed with these outcomes in mind. Global education and cultural exchange is vital to achieving international peace. The theme for the 2017 program was “Art & Cultural Diplomacy.” Participants from New York City and Rochester, NY experienced a variety of activities while in Paris including insightful discussions with creatives and thought leaders on culture and arts, visits to cultural institutions, culinary and dance courses, and of course, visits to some of the beautiful monuments that Paris has to offer.

To view a PDF full report of this program, please click here.



• Louis Vuitton Foundation
• Institut du Monde Arabe
• Mona Bismarck American Center
• Artist Ealy Mays
• Artist Vicente Pimentel
• New York University – Dr. Beth Epstein
• Espace Jemmapes – Fabricia Martins
• Académie de l’Art Culinaire du Monde Créole • Louvre Museum
• Patricia Laplante-Collins – Paris Soirées


Our annual Paris trip is a great opportunity for all participants to learn about Francophone history and culture in an in depth way. “This experience was like a Paris bootcamp! We experienced a great amount of art, culture and food within a short amount of time. I came home feeling artistically inspired and motivated!” said Autumn Scoggan. We would like to give a big thank you to all institutions, individuals and participants involved. Thank you to everyone who has made this trip possible to further knowledge, engagement and interest in Global Arts & Culture.

Participants visited the famous Les Frigos building and

Vicente Pimentel’s artist studio.

Participants took dance class with choreographer and pilates instructor,

Fabricia Martins at a local community arts center called Espace Jemmapes.

Our group went for a visit of the many exhibitions at the Louvre Museum.

Participants enjoyed a culinary class with

Chef Stephane Sorbon of Academie del’Art Culinaire du Monde Creole.

The program included a visit to the Foundation Louis Vuitton’s

“Icons of Modern Art: The Shcukin Collection

To view a PDF full report of this program, please click here.

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