J Rêve’s “How to Be Creative” Workshop for The Pittsburgh Project

 “We cannot build the future for our youth—but we can build our youth for the future.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

DSCN8872The Pittsburgh Project’s mission is to develop servant leaders and uphold the dignity of vulnerable homeowners. Their programming ranges from youth development to homeowner services and community outreach.  J Rêve International conducted a series of 6 workshops for high school students through November and December, 2015.  J Rêve International’s “How to Be Creative” workshops for are designed to enhance creativity, encourage service and leadership, while developing skills for higher student performance and global competency, as described in the National Education Society’s rubric.

J Rêve International organizes a number of creativity programs, which take place throughout the year and around the world. The international programmings provide an opportunity for larger audiences to actively participate and engage in lectures and discussions exploring approaches, practices, applications and implications for creativity, wellness, diplomacy, culture, academia, and civil society. The programs have an inclusive participation policy and are prepared for individuals from all academic, cultural, and professional backgrounds.  Through creativity-based projects and events, J Rêve International presents opportunities for creativity to impact people, communities, businesses, and classrooms.

In the book Emotional Intelligence, by psychologist Daniel Goleman, Howard Gardner, author of Multiple Intelligences and Harvard School of Education psychologist says, “The time has come, to broaden our notion of the spectrum of talents. The single most important contribution education can make to a child’s development is to help him toward a field where his talents best suit him, where he will be satisfied and competent.  We should spend less time ranking children and more time helping them to identify their natural competencies and gifts, and cultivate those.  There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to succeed, and many, many different abilities that will help you get there.”

High school participants in the workshop will then share their learnings and teach middle school students at The Pittsburgh Project.  We at J Rêve International are very proud of these talented teens and pleased to have encouraged them to cultivate and serve their creativity. Click here to take an online Multiple Intelligences assessment to learn your learning style.

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Select elements of “How to Be Creative” Workshops


  1. Emotional Intelligence: Mindfulness / Positive Affirmations / Interpersonal Communication basics
  2. Mind-Mapping
  3. Stillness



  • “Over the past year I have had the opportunity and privilege to participate in and or support three of J Reve International’s programs. The three programs I have engaged in are the “Global Kid’s Essay Contest”, “Global Educator Program”, and the “Global Artist in Residence Program”. My experience in all of these programs working with Jacqueline Cofield has been exciting and fulfilling in many ways. This has not just been my experience but more so for the participants of all of the J Reve International Programs. This is confirmed in the expression of a student in a thank you card I received from a student who participated in the “Global Kid’s Essay Contest”.”  Mr. Robin Dettman, MSL, CPLC
  • “I attended the “How to be Creative” workshop and learned a new and innovative concept called “Mind Mapping”. Mind Mapping is a creative process that helped me to easily organize and connect my thoughts by using words, symbols, pictures and colors.Learning the concept was fun! The process helped to “wake up my intuition, memory, and brain flow of creativity”! I find it to be a very valuable and useful tool—- that can be easily used by all—in every part of  life! I look forward to helping others tap into their creativity using  this new and innovative method!” Beverly Randall, Founder of DIVA Connection


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