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Jacqueline Cofield speaking on NYU Paris panel

Le 8 Décembre à NYU in France : Modern Art and Business : A special alumni event


Conversation on contemporary art and finance led by Sandra Mulliez, dynamic and original Patron of the arts, Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr, Auctioneer at the most famous auction house in France, « Cornette de Saint Cyr, » and Jacqueline Cofield N’Namdi, NYU alumna and Program and Communications Director of the N’Namdi Gallery of Contemporary Art in Chicago and Detroit.

The Zo PoPular Exchange is a commodity based stock exchange built to find out who is the most popular trader in the market. Value is derived from being included in the most exchanges not by acquiring the most. Each session’s exchange rules and regulations are defined for the event.
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Commissioned work by a collector is not only absolutely necessary for an artist, it is a key factor in their production. The idea behind this series of collectors’ portraits is to restore this former tradition of commissioned portraits by placing them firmly in the history of the portrait and time. By inscribing a timeline in these images, the identity of the collector itself is erased so that all that remains is the essence of timelessness


SANDRA MULLIEZ, Patron of the arts

Sandra Mulliez was born in São Paolo, Brazil. She studied philosophy and cinema at the FAAP in São Paolo. An activist/artist in the São Paolo scene, she was active in several performances there in the early 1980s. Upon her arrival in France in 1990, she started producing documentary reports and films. In 1999, she met Amaury Mulliez with whom she started a family soon after. Art collector and patron, she created the SAM Art Projects Foundation which supports non-European artists by giving them artist-in-residence status and by introducing them to the french art scene as well as by awarding them with solo exhibits and catalogues. She is also a member of the board of diretors at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art in Cergy.


Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr was born in Morocco. After studying to be an engineer, he enrolled in law school, but soon started collecting drawings and photographs. He opened his auction house “Cornette de Saint-Cyr” in 1973 with his two sons, Bertrand and Arnaud. He is probably the most well-known French auctioneer today. Since the death of Pierre Restany, the founder of the new realism movement, he has been President of the Palais du Tokyo. As such, Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr continually promotes the importance of French contemporary art.

JACQUELINE COFIELD N’NAMDI, International arts marketer

Jacqueline Cofield is an international arts marketer, educator, and leading advocate in the collection of arts from the African Diaspora. She is currently marketing & program director for G.R N’Namdi Gallery, the premiere African American abstract art gallery in the world and Editor-­in-­Chief of the Collector Magazine, a pioneering arts journal. She oversees The Collectors’ Club, a forum for collectors to engage the arts. A multimedia producer, Jacqueline is currently completing a documentary film on African American artists who’ve lived, exhibited and studied abroad.


At NYU Paris, Isabelle de Maison Rouge is an art historian, critic and member of the AICA. She teaches art history and is a PhD student in fine arts at Paris I. Lecturer and curator, she is also the editor-in-chief of “art &” (www.artand.fr) and a member of Art & Flux (Paris I).


NYU alumna and Academic Affairs Supervisor at NYU Paris, Amanda Herold-Marme is a doctoral student in contemporary art history exploring artistic relations between France and Spain during Franco’s dictatorship. She is a graduate of NYU in Madrid’s MA in Hispanic Civilization and Culture Program.


JaZoN Frings is an American-born artist who uses finance as his artistic medium. By creating his own value systems the rational ideals of contemporary economics are brought into question. When quantifiable economics are pushed aside the absurdities of life become crucial to gaining success or failure. Sometimes having less is worth a lot more.
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CARLOS REYES, NYU studio art student

….thinking of grammar and the construction of sentences and their relationship to temporality here warm areas between subjects, objects, prepositions, transitional verbs, contested predicates, adjectives and adverbs in flux punctuates the illusion of grammar modifications, arguments, and mediations…..

Carlos Reyes lives and works in New York City and Paris. He has studied at Pomona College in Claremont, CA, Central St. Martins in London, and most recently at New York University.

ANDY SLEMENDA, NYU studio art student

Andy Slemenda was born in the heart of America. He is transmutating.  He does so in Paris, France and New York, New York.  Andy Slemenda cultivates the expanse between rational thought and chaotic excessiveness.   By invading systems of order, he agitates our ability to delineate and define.  In Magpie Is Asp, Slemenda materially  dramatizes the puritanical conflating the sculptural, painterly, and theatrical. His video, Ch(a/i/u)(r/m)(la/p), pursues  a communication but denies dictation. Wherein, the veiled figure’s speech becomes a memetic transference.

JO-EY TANG, NYU studio art student

Jo-ey Tang explicates and enacts the circulation of images and objects and the life cycle of ideas. His work takes the various forms of sculpture, video, text, photography, sound, and self-assigned tasks. He is a recipient of 2011 Edward F. Albee Foundation fellowship, and is art editor of n+1, a literary journal based in Brooklyn, New York. He is represented by Exile, Berlin, where he had his first solo exhibition Like An Intruder in 2011.

Tang will show a video titled Speaker (2011) on multiple monitors. The video is a documentation of a sound sculpture that was exhibited at Exile, Berlin, and is considered both the same and a new work. The looped videos will begin at various points, thereby creating an unstable sonic present.

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