Kamali Minter: J Rêve Global Artist Residency South Africa & Mozambique

Filmmaker, actress, and healthy lifestyle advocate Kamali Minter travelled to Mozambique and South Africa for the first time for a J Rêve International residency in February and March 2013.  It was her first time in Africa.

J Rêve International’s Global Artist Residency Program makes an impact not only for the artists, but also the communities they visit. During their residency, each artist fulfills a ‘community engagement project’ designed to leave their legacy by either sharing their skills through workshops, or talents through public arts, performances, collaborations, and/or exhibitions.

Kamali’s community engagement included mentoring members of the Association of Mozambican filmmakers, and collaborating on the J Rêve International Dan’Artes documentary film, a project about an arts village in Mozambique founded by celebrated Mozambican choreographer Maria Helena Pinto, where she consulted the production team and did cinematography.  Minter also spoke about her work and the Dan’Artes project on Mozambique National Radio.

In addition to engaging creative communities, Kamali visited historic sites in South Africa, including the Nelson Mandela home, The Market Theater in Johannesburg, and Robben Island in Cape Town.

With President of Amocine (Association of Mozambican Filmmakers) in Maputo.
With young members of the Mozambican film Association.
Kamali Minter
Minter speaking on Mozambique National Radio
photo-12 Minter shooting footage for Dan’Artes and consulting a film editor.
Minter records footage of Cofield and Maria Helena Pinto’s appearance on Mozambique National TV

To watch footage from Dans’Artes click below.  Email info@jreveinternational.com to inquire how you can support completing this project.

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